Genuine Character Within Individuality


True Till The End!

 Why spend precious moments wasting time on the circumstances that do not bring about any true value or satisfaction within one's own purpose and desire?
Fulfillment comes in all shapes, sizes and mixtures and if one isn't exact and upfront about taking a portion of the opportunity that is within grab all of the available consistency will be put to drain.
Other individuals unresolved issues are exactly what they are and not an associated factor in the determination of one's own beneficial succession.

 I live my life on my own terms not by what anyone else determines that my life should be. I know what I want and I know what will work for me and if something or someone does not fit into my category and mode of harmony then there is no room for disturbance. I do not occupy discord the friction is not necessary I refuse to hold on to what I do not relate to solely on account of what others may adhere to conform to and neither should any self-loving and self-respecting person with dignity. I do not need to be accepted by anyone's specific standard of life in order to maintain because the ability to not be free is completely unacceptable to me. I'd die before I let someone or something rearrange my innate state of being.
 I am thankful for all of the love and good luck that I have around me and for the courage that is within me to live unbound by the many chains that are disproportionately locked into the grips of the world.

Be who you are and live life without letting all of the disguised hassles beguile and live you!