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Exhibiting authenticity within a world full of many fakes and cowards takes a fierce character, one that is combined with a natural strength and confidence that manifests within to then inevitably exude without. A genuine soul can take on any challenge that arises with a cool ease and vile tenacity. Upon reasonable circumstance an honest person will not back down from what they may believe in or stand up for.
Why fear to express oneself within thought and ideas especially when reflection and vision may not be so common or within the norm? A unique view and perspective suggests more valuable notability and change compared to the same useless repetitive unfruitful solutions that are bias and foreign to the vast array of distinct individuals. I could never be stuck within someone else's rut! I am about productivity.

Posted by MissLaToya on March 28,2013 "Tunes Of Harmony To The Universe"

I feel a great freedom that comes along with the balance and alignment with the universe. The power to self express and to reflect back to us all of the essential benefits that life has to offer.
Elements that are suitable and fulfilling to the particular needs of any aspiring individual, corresponding to the aids of a better health and state of well-being.
I find in not being at all afraid to acknowledge and to display what I truly know, feel, or believe effectively welcomes in a change and opens up the doors to the reality that one naturally deserves.
One lives who they actually are by exuding their pure unrelenting energy out into the cosmic field what a very courageous thing to step out onto the limb of chance reaching far away past to an area that is out of grasp, out of sight, then taking that jump into atmospheric range, a giant leap into faith.
An unwavering account of risk, dare to go to the edge. Dare to face the challenge of testing the waves, rowing in the tides, demanding the rewards of fate.
Going that extra mile actually minimizes the distance allowing the separated part of one's self to connect and to find infinite validation through compatibility.
The outer part of self can only recognize and return to the inner part once confirmation is identified, authenticated by truth.
If sections of one are hidden from their other missing pieces how or why should they find or even come back together as a whole?
Who wants to live in collision with one's own self? Not me. I wouldn't.
The great and beautiful lesson that I have learned is the more that I take advantage of delighting in being real, in being myself. In putting myself above the restrictions of what is supposedly permitted by the world.
I embrace the permission to not permit the world to limit to me and to my phenomenal outcomes.


Live, love, laugh and be full of your own distinctive joy!
An exhilaration that no one can steal or take away from you, and your abundant spirit.
-Miss LaToya Lawrence

Life itself is a deep experience and knowledge and understanding is a deep advancement, intangible stimulation that delivers a powerful elevation - truth in my own words because I am living proof of what "divinity" can reveal and accomplish.

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April 11, 2016
Life is not always a basket of sweet and delicious fruit there are those sour flavors which are not so kosher to the buds and that leave a nasty lingering taste within the mouth that one instinctively has to go and spit directly out in disgust.
And there are quite a lot of unsavory people who outright fit into this category of repulsion.
The energy that generates and that can exude out from other people of this nature does reflect quite miserably and they are indeed not healthy to be around yet no amount of negativity will penetrate to cause any ill or significant affect when one is strong and confident within their own mental and spiritual foundation. One may recognize or interpret the morbid energy for what it is but it won't affect the state of being or surroundings.
 No one can spoil one's true peace and happiness unless they allow another individual to do so, and no piece of trash, especially, is worth the aggravation nor should be given any of the unnecessary power.
Why let an inconsequential figure or thing that means absolutely nothing to one, to arouse one?
There are many who lie and that try to manipulate through countless and various form of technique as they are accustomed to steal, cheat and sabotage by their deliberate means of sickness and functioning, those who are miserable and who'd none other than like to make another sick and miserable just in the same.
Personal shortcomings render some of these people unable to handle or to cope with the harsh reality of their lives, conflict that is deeply rooted from within allow them to believe in their own states of illusion and delusion that they tend to overcompensate for due to the fact that they often tend to lie so much to themselves as well as they do to certain others. In doing so creates a zone of protection, a safety net identifying their false sense of security that justifies their overall distorted view of what they comprehend as tackle and survival, the only way of life that they know how.
Although within life all of us will never be within harmony with everyone as we all have our very own distinct character and individuality, however, since day one, I have always been able to accurately read people as I am a very good judge of character and I have always been able to sense things about people that other people could not sense.
I have never liked degenerates they are extremely ignorant and are not at all intelligent even though many of them think and actually believe that they know all that there is to know about life and about people when indeed they know absolutely nothing at all but the level of mentality that their circle all share within one another, they are envious and jealous people, they are manipulative, they lie constantly and they are nothing but pure trouble and cause problems among those who are of a better quality than they are.
I refuse to go down to their level in order to establish a worthless communication that caters to their low grade outline of comprehension. I refuse to make allowances for their deficiencies and unwanted existence.
One definite thing though is, and that is that no matter how much dirt it is in which they do, it always comes back to them even if what they had done did not affect their target in the ways that they may have wanted it to because it is the "principal" that the wrongdoings were done to begin with, especially, when the inspired target is innocent or completely in the right according to their state of being.
Unfortunately, in the past, I grew up in a neighborhood full of those trashy undesirables and as I was nothing at all like them within the mind, body or spirit I developed and maintained successfully while they continued on within their inevitable paths to destruction that they were unable to so desperately pull me into.
They always want other people who are above them to fear them when they are entirely nothing to be intimidated by at all they are a very transparent group of disturbed individuals.
They get their paybacks in so many ways as their children have been born physically ugly, slow and retarded, and also some even with that "Autism shit". They do not think about what they do beforehand and the consequences that they have to "without a doubt" eventually pay for, however, fast or within the long run.
Everything that I do I am justified for and I relish in the fact that I have the power of universal influence and effect through the natural reflections of celestial advantage. What goes around comes back around again as many times worse and evildoers will so much reap back what they sow even with a little more ruthlessness when I get my claws into the situation.